Vince has extensive experience in the antitrust area and previously supervised antitrust enforcement for the State of Delaware. He has advised trade associations, defended against conspiracy, monopolization, and unfair competition claims, and represented a large variety of clients in the antitrust area. Antitrust laws are sometimes quite complex, and Vince's skill in communicating the mandates of the antitrust laws to business clients has been critical in assisting those clients with a better understanding of these difficult and challenging laws.

Vince has also done extensive work in the antitrust treatment of intellectual property rights. Because patents, as well as trademarks and copyrights, give their owners a virtual monopoly, there have been some abuses of these intellectual property rights that are still covered by the antitrust laws. Vince has counseled clients in licensing and litigation settings where there has been an interface between the sometimes conflicting rights of intellectual property owners and the antitrust laws.

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